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Pt. Roberts, WA. 1995 Provider of Kombucha Tea cultures
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Kombucha has has improved the health of countless numbers of people and Assunta, our virutal personality, can answer most all of your questions concerning Kombucha.

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Question of the month; Does Kombucha Tea really improve health? Answer is...Yes! If it did not better health why would millions of people keep drinking it and making it, for over two thousand years.

What is Kombucha

Kombucha is a carbonated tea-based drink that many drink for its health benefits or medicinal purposes. There is scientific information supporting health benefits but unfortunately few studies or have been conducted mainly due to the cost of such studies. There are several centuries of popular accounts telling of health benefits attributed to the tea. Kombucha is sold commercially but can easily be made at home by fermenting tea using a spongy mass of yeast and bacteria often nicknamed a SCOBY. This forms the kombucha culture which is also most often referred to as the "mushroom" but it is not really a mushroom. It forms on the surface of the tea while the tea is fermenting and looks like a near whitish colored pancake.

Testimonial (Just one of a large number):

Testimonial - Joint inflammation: "I find that Kombucha allows me to have an active life. I was recently notified that I am allergic to glutin, corn syrup, wheat and a lot of my most favorite foods. Kombucha cleans me out to a point where I can walk without pain, and have very little inflammation in my joints and fingers. I'm so glad my boyfriend introduced me to it. Now I'm off Methotrexate and prednisone and on occasion take 2 aleves a day. As time goes by in drinking Kombucha, I bet I won't need aleves at all. This really gets rid of all the toxins in my body that I've gathered up throughout the years. Thanks Kombucha... R.A.P."

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Should I be worried about the safety of Kombucha?

Most ask this question because are aware that some mushrooms are toxic or they have been misinformed about Kombucha. Kombucha is not a mushroom and it is not poisonous. People only call it a mushroom, it is not a mushroom.

Kombucha has been used as a health remedy for over 2000 years it is now being widely sold in health food in the USA, far less expensive to make it yourself.

The tea does improve health but it is not a drug. The FDA has stated that this remarkable tea to be a safe drink if it is correctly prepared in a clean way so as not to become contaminated by pathogens. All foods that you prepare has a risk of contamination but the risk is probably less so for Kombucha as it is a fermented drink which as it ferments it creates a small amount of alcohol which helps to protect the tea against pathogens.

Nobody has died from drinking correctly made Kombucha Tea and yet millions of people daily drink this remarkable beverage and have done so for over two millennium. One thousand people a year die from taking aspirin, so which do you think is safer!

Kombucha Tea is a fermented beverage and , but then again some few people could be sensitive to any number of different things. An allergic is usually just a minor skin blush or itch.

The tea is acidic but no more so than wine, orange juice, or grapefruit juice, unless it is allowed to ferment too long in which case it becomes more sour. Drinking Kombucha Tea wil not change the pH level of your blood unless you drink large amounts of the tea when it is very sour, this would not be a smart thing to do, drinking large quantities of anything is usually not a good idea.

Rarely A Kombucha mushroom might develop a mold but this is not common. Most common such molds are not harmful but they can spoil the taste of the tea. This limited problem is easily prevented by keeping the fermenting tea properly covered and if it should occur is easily detected and you simple make a new batch of tea."]

hongo chino